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    True Touch Pet Grooming Glove – For Cats & Dogs

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    The True Touch Pet Grooming Glove is Now Available to Buy in The UK!  Order Securely Via Card or PAYPAL

    True Touch Pet Grooming Gloves remove loose hair and gently massage your cat or dog. They are Perfect for both long haired animals or short and curly haired dogs and cats. The True Touch Cat Grooming Glove allows you to simply pet the hair away on your Cat or Dog. The shedded hair sticks to the glove using our silicone blend technology, making cleanup fast and easy.


    • Your pet will love the True Touch Five Finger Deshedding Glove
    • The Grooming Glove Mimics the touch of the human hand which both massages your cat or dog;  and also includes 180 soft silicone deshedding tips to groom with ease, and help your animals skin breath better.
    • The hair sticks to the True Touch Glove, making it easy to peel and throw away hair after dog and cat has been groomed.
    • Keep your home pet hair free with the True Touch by minimizing cat and dog shedding, by keeping on top of their shedding cycles
    • True Touch is an award winning glove, voted as best pet grooming product, and best dog grooming glove of 2016 by U.S Animal Groomers Society, and has also been praised by many media outlets and bloggers alike, it is the number one pet grooming product that is suitable for all types of animals & breeds of dogs and cats.



    Why Buy The True Touch Pet Grooming Glove?

    Their is a cleanliness factor in keeping your cat & dog groomed, the bathing of animals keeps grime from being spread across your home whilst Grooming your pet can help his or her skin breath, it is important to have a good quality pet grooming product to avoid skin irritation, which can cause health problems for your dog or cat. For example some combs and brushes are rough, and can lead to micro cuts on your pets skin which are often one of the leading causes of skin infection in a pet.

    Depending on your dog & cats coat, you would normally require a certain type of brush or a flea comb, however with the True Touch UK Pet Grooming Glove, it will work with all animals and types of breeds, this is because of our unique blend of silicone which is both soft on animals skin and coat, and also has magnetic properties which attract pet hair and stick to the glove. This means the glove can be used in shorter periods of time, which is especially beneficial to animals that may not particularly like to be groomed.


    What Benefits Will I See with this Pet Hair Removal Product?

    Having a pet, you will probably realize how frustrating it can be sometimes when there is hair all over the house, especially during summer time when pet hair shedding is more prevalent.  My own cats shed hair everywhere, and hoovering, dusting and cleaning up pet hair can become a tedious task, so I set out to make the best pet hair product, the True Touch Pet Hair Glove that works just as is advertised to buy.

    In my attempt to learn more about pet hair grooming and pet hair shedding, I bought many different types of animal grooming products, ranging from a tradition dog comb, to a new fancy electronic cat comb. All pet grooming products I tried had different outcomes in terms of how effective they were in removal of excess pet hair, however they all had the same outcome in where the pet hair ended up, which was everywhere! True Touch UK Pet Grooming Glove was developed with this outcome in mind, to create the ultimate in hair removal, and also to cut down on how much pet hair needed to be cleaned up after it had been removed from the dog or cat. True Touch provides an ultimate blend of soft silicone and static materials which animal fur is natually attracted to, meaning the fur is both easier to remove from your pet, and also easier to clean up afterwards.


    UK Shipping As Standard, Dispatched Within 2 Working Days Via 1st Class Delivery.

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      Amazing Amazing Amazing, I love it and most importantly so does my doggy!

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